Pretty in Pink

A crowded hallway right in front of me and just now I hear the bells ring for class to begin. I squeeze myself through a few students talking in a group, excusing myself as politely as I can. I can’t be late again, the teacher was already pissed at me being tardy last week and […]

Need more Rem

It was just another one of those typical lively, sunny afternoons in July. The right time of the day to harvest the bountiful crops we’ve grown during autumn. My back was feeling scorched from the heat and sweat was pooling on my forehead. It wasn’t always easy providing food on the table for my family, especially […]

Master of Shadows

I really shouldn’t be here. That phrase kept repeating itself over and over in my head. Maybe it was because acknowledging my fears somehow soothed me or maybe I just couldn’t think of anything else. My body shivered with each step I took, edging further and further down the narrow corridor. The only source of light available […]

The Nine-Tailed Fox

She had her sharp, predatory eyes fixed onto me before I even knew it. Skittering swiftly through the maze of trees, all I could focus on were those charming tails breezing by back and forth. I counted, there were exactly nine of them, I mean I’ve read about those nine tailed foxes in my fantasy books but I never thought […]


​     I shouldn’t be here, I really shouldn’t. I could barely see anything past this fog and the light emanating from my phone screen wasn’t helping much either. Why did it have to be this day that Jake decided to run away? It was my fucking birthday and I’m spending it looking for […]

Moving On

I miss you when the alarm beeps at 7 AM and you’re not there snuggled cozily beside me. I miss you when I shower, the half empty bottle of your tropical shampoo I still use to remind me of your scent.  I miss you when I brush my teeth and I see your cute pink […]